Provincial Principals

Most Excellent Grand Superintendent E.Comp. Chris Roach
was Initiated into Torbay Lodge No. 1358 in 1979, he became Master in 1989 and 1990 and appointed to PAGDC 2012. Exalted into Torbay Chapter No.1358 in 1983 and progressed through all offices and then served as Scribe E. First appointment to PrDeputy DC he was then was promoted to PrDC, 3rd PrG Principal, 2nd PrG Principal and then to Deputy Grand Supt 2012. He currently holds the rank of PGSwdB.
Read his Annual Address to Provincial Grand Chapter at the link below.

Deputy Grand Superintendent E.Comp. Gerald Watson
was Initiated into Old Paludians Lodge No. 7181 (Bucks) in 1967. He became Master in 1980 and on moving to Devon joined Quest Lodge No. 7883 becoming its Master in 1992. He was appointed to PAGDC 2018. Exalted into Pleiades Chapter No.710 in 1981 he became MEZ in 1991. His first Provincial appointment in the HRA was to ProvGStwd in 1996 and subsequently PProvGReg, ProvGTres, & 2nd PrG Principal. After a short break he returned in November 2020 and was appointed to ProvDeputyGSupt. He currently holds the rank of PAGSoj which he received in 2017.

Second Provincial Grand Principal E. Comp Paul I. Hughes
was Initiated into the Trinity Lodge No. 3403 in 1995 and served as Master in 2002. Exalted into the Royal Naval Chapter No.3337 in 1999 he was MEZ in 2006 & 2007.& Elliott Chapter 1205 in 2009.
In the Holy Royal Arch he has held the rank of ProvGStwd, ProvDepGDC, ProvGDC and is currently the 2nd Provincial Grand Principal and also holds the rank of PGStB

Third Provincial Grand Principal E. Comp Stephen P. Joint
was Initiated into the Sanctuary Lodge No.5358 in 1994 becoming Master in 2002. He is also a member of Newton Lodge No. 6129 where he became Master in 2012.
Exalted into the Newton Chapter No.6129 in 2003 he was MEZ in 2011. In the Holy Royal Arch he has held the rank of ProvGSoj, ProvGReg and currently holds the rank of PGStB.